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Reaper Lime Jet Ski 997cc 160HK 2019

Pris exkl.127 920.00
Pris159 900.00
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“A true dirt bike on water”


Always wanted something that compares to your dirt bike, but on water? Here it is!

The Reaper is that watercraft, with its motorcross style seat and bars it will feel like you never left the land, apart from the crystal clear water, the sun and no more dust this summer!

Unlike other fixed steer freeride hulls the Reaper is best on the highly successful Predator pole ski. This means that it is far more nimble and agile and, as a consequence anything you can do on a stand-up freeride hull you can do on the Reaper.

The Reaper foot to bar positioning and rider weight distribution is almost identical to that of an MX or FMX motorcycle which means that it feels like a dirt bike. So anything you’ve ever wanted to do on land you can do on water and still go to work on Monday.

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